Living Water Harvest Farms - Ghana


LWHF was prayerfully sought and designed to solve unemployment and income-related challenges affecting orphans and struggling teens in a rural area of Ghana, while also helping locally to solve the ongoing food crisis. Additionally, through this project, we aim to cultivate the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through these soon-to-be adults, and the next generation!

LWHF intends to transform the lives and future generations of teens in terms of social, economic, spiritual, and behavioral living, as well as the domestic well-being of the community at large. Looking at the current global crisis today, the way to go is growing what we eat and eating what we grow. Ghana is a country known for farming, however, there is a huge deficit of training for teens in this field. And, as a sustainable development goal, we join the wagon of planting for food and jobs, while sowing the seeds of faith.

LWHF will train teens, empowering them with farming and poultry skills while preparing them for the real world with a solid working foundation based on God's Word. The basis of the project is to raise and train orphans and teens and qualify them through agriculture by way of the Gospel, to become self-sustaining, productive, and key members of society for the progression of their individual lives and their communities at large. Man plants seeds; God grows trees (or chickens, eggs, veggies, AND Spiritual maturity). The teens in our program will be commissioned with the Truth and knowledge of God's word combined with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize the harvest.

It’s ironic that two of the things that are so dominant in our life are worry (what if it doesn’t work?) and money (worrying if we have enough). Interestingly, in Mark chapter 4, Matthew chapter 13, and Luke chapter 8, we find the very familiar parable of the seed and the sower. It is about sowing the truth of God’s Word and trusting God’s Word to have its impact. In Luke 8:15, Jesus further describes the soil, "But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop." Teaching and mentoring life skills based on Biblical Truths will create "good soil" to help these teens end their cycle of being uneducated and continually living in poverty.

Secondly, LWHF teaches how to improve the marketability of the increased food produced through resource links between production, and distribution to both the commercial and private sectors.

Lastly, LWHF provides REAL life skills; REAL sustaining jobs. Giving a young generation the ability to STOP the CYCLE and BE the CHANGE through increased lifelong job opportunities as a result of further education and training in a field that is always in demand.

With our Program Director, Pastor Emmanuel, his wife Esther, and the local team, they will spread the message of God's love with life-changing forgiveness, and knowledge of the process to these teens who are less privileged, and in many cases orphans.  This further trains them how to be carriers of the Gospel in seeing how planting seeds, leads to the Salvation of others. Most importantly, it gifts the next generation with a core group of Christian leaders who understand how to improve food security, create employment opportunities, and reduce poverty in their society.

LWHF will be an intervention mechanism as well, to teach the true options in life that require education, hard work, and the Lord. Pastor Emmanuel has other plans for the property and the program including quarterly Christian conferences/revivals for local area teens designed with worship, praise, and an age-appropriate introduction and teaching of the Good News of Jesus Christ, our Lord! In Ghana, there is a huge need for this in communities of today's teens. His goal for this outreach is to right the wrongs of today's internet and society that have been placed in the mind of teens. Worse, the average teen in Ghana today thinks only of shortcuts to making money through scams, theft, and prostitution. They see people flaunting money in their faces on social media, movies, and TV shows, turning their minds and focusing on getting rich too! Even though they might be in school, their thoughts and attention are diverted from education and fixated on how to get fast money through whatever means necessary. But, we can bring them back on track through outreach and missions! Pastor Emmanuel is already participating in similar conferences with teens and sees the positive results!

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