Reaching out to orphans.....

and helping them BLOOM!

Who We Are 

BLOOM serves orphans and vulnerable children through:

education sponsorships

sustainable community empowerment

and family preservation projects

to END the orphan crisis.

boy and adult by brick wall

Did You Know?

  • Close to 60% of Uganda’s population are children below the age of 18 years old.
  • In Uganda about 81 children are orphaned every day. That’s about one child every 20 minutes!
  • Currently, at least one in every four households in Uganda has an orphan.
  • 15% of all children in Uganda (2.6 million) are orphans. One third of these are due to HIV/AIDS.
  • Over half of Uganda’s children (8.1 million children, or, 51%) are either critically or moderately vulnerable, while 63% live with caregivers other than their biological parents.
  • Every 30 minutes, an orphan in Uganda ages out of the system, entering the world without a family, source of income and, in most cases, without enough education to gain employment.

Together, we can change this by providing an education for these children.... giving them HOPE for a better future!

Please partner with us to end the orphan crisis!