Our U.S. Leadership Team

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Executive Director

Ever since she was a little girl, Sue has had a heart of compassion for the less fortunate. She has served as a volunteer with orphan ministries since 2010 and has been a dedicated volunteer for BLOOM as a fundraiser, NY Airport Host Program Coordinator, Board Secretary, and Chairman of the Board. Sue is especially passionate about loving and serving children without moms and dads to tuck them in at night and give them the love and security that every child deserves. It is her hope and prayer that one day every child on the planet will come to know and understand the love that Jesus has for them.

Sue and her husband, Brendan, live in Mount Vernon, NY. They are the proud parents of ten children and three outrageously adorable grandchildren. 

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FOUNDER and Board Chair

Le Ann lives in Frisco, Texas and attends Frisco First Baptist Church. Le Ann first founded another orphan care organization where she served as Executive Director for more than 10 years. When she later founded BLOOM in 2012, her initial vision was to just "Be Love!" to orphans and vulnerable children in less served areas of the world. The idea was to help children find ways to "bloom where they happened to be planted" and initiate ways and means for sustainable partnership programs with local Christian ministries already in place. With this vision, BLOOM's first Uganda program was born with a group called Side by Side Ministries, which continues today with orphan sponsorship opportunities for many children in desperate need of education, clothing, food, and shelter in their existing SBS dorm.

Le Ann is mom to 10 children, 9 adopted (6 were teens) from Russia, Latvia, and China. It was her first adoption trip to Russia in 1999 that led her towards orphan ministry and developing some of the first international orphan hosting programs from the countries of Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, China, Philippines, Belarus, and Poland. She has also led mission trips to Central America, many countries in Eastern Europe, and parts of Asia.




Dr. Beverly is a pediatrician currently living in London, KY. She was adopted as an infant and knew early in her married life that she wanted to expand her family through adoption. After adopting 2 children from Guatemala, she and her husband decided to host a boy from Latvia for a summer. She was so touched by the experience and knew this was what God had led her to do. She became involved in the program as a volunteer and has spent the last 15 years volunteering for different hosting programs and doing other mission work internationally. It has changed her life in ways she never imagined. She and her husband have since adopted 4 more children as tweens or teens that they met through the programs. They know God has called them to help the orphans in this world. When they started this journey, they thought they would help these children and change their lives. However, they feel they are actually the ones whose lives have been changed and blessed.