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Living Water Harvest Farms Project

Living Water Harvest Farms is our current project, approximately 2/3 completed, situated in a rural area in Ghana. We’ve acquired a tract of land where our BLOOM-Ghana Program Manager has already made significant progress. The land has been cleared, a water well installed, and a chicken house constructed in preparation for the arrival of 500 baby chicks.

This self-sustaining project will come to fruition once the chicks begin laying eggs, which is estimated to be in about 4-5 months. These eggs will be sold in the local markets, addressing the strong demand in the area. Additionally, local widows and their teenage children will be invited to participate, learning valuable job skills while hearing about the Living Water of Jesus.

We have also partnered with a chicken egg-laying farm in a larger city, providing mentoring to our caretaker, and future employment opportunities for those we train. Our goal is to empower individuals to break the cycle of generational poverty within their families. Moreover, the farm will generate funds to support crop cultivation on the fertile land, creating further opportunities for community upliftment.

Throughout this journey, our Project Manager, Pastor Emmanuel, will share the Gospel and organize community revival events and children’s programs akin to our Vacation Bible School. However, to fully realize our vision, we need additional funding as the baby chicks are set to arrive in about 4 weeks, and certain steps are still lacking funding.

With faith as our guide, we press forward in pursuit of turning this prayer into a reality, positively impacting the lives of those living near the farm.

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Help Widows and Orphans like Ophelia and her children

Ophelia and her eight children were discovered living in an abandoned construction site, their only shelter a concrete floor. With her husband recently deceased, Ophelia faced the daunting task of providing for her family alone, with no support or assistance.

When our Program Manager, Emmanuel, in Ghana, learned of their plight through a church member, he reached out to BLOOM for help. Thanks to generous donations, we were able to relocate them to a small home in a village. We enrolled all the school-age children in school, providing them with uniforms, books, and supplies.

Despite Ophelia’s lack of education, Emmanuel’s church provided her with second-hand clothes to clean and repair, which her older children sold at the local market. With Emmanuel’s guidance and mentorship, Ophelia devised a business plan to sell charcoal, a vital commodity in their community for heating and cooking.

Through hard work and determination, Ophelia expanded her business by learning to produce charcoal from locally sourced trees. With additional support, she cleared land, mastered the art of charcoal production, and significantly increased her profits. Today, she supports her family independently, covering their education, personal needs, and medical bills.

Ophelia’s journey from hardship to self-sufficiency is a testament to the transformative power of support and empowerment. Meeting her during our mission trip to Ghana in February 2022 was a profound experience for BLOOM’s founder, Le Ann Dakake. Seeing Ophelia’s smile and witnessing the positive impact on her family and village reaffirmed our commitment to assisting widows in need, as urged by James 1:27.

Past Projects Successfully COMPLETED and FULLY Funded!


Girls’ Dorm + Emergency Shelter


All 100 girls in our dormitory now have warm cozy beds, thanks to the VERY generous support of many donors! We are jumping for JOY and are SO THANKFUL for each one who gave! (You know who you are!)

Construction Completion

The construction of our girls’ dormitory at the Dove Nursery and Primary School in Mukono, Uganda, is finished! This dormitory provides urgently needed shelter for orphaned and vulnerable girls, offering them a safe place to sleep and access education. Many of these girls were rescued from abusive situations and potential trafficking.

Emergency Food Aid for Uganda

UPDATE: Thanks to many generous donors, this project has been FULLY FUNDED! Thank you!!!


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