General Donation to BLOOM

Your generous donations will help fund our programs and special projects, including filling in the gaps for child sponsorships and emergency food support. Please leave a note in the comments if you would like your gift to be used for a specific purpose.

Thank you for "being love!" to the children we serve!

Living Water Harvest Farms was prayerfully sought and designed to solve unemployment and challenges affecting teens in a rural area of Ghana, while also helping locally to solve the ongoing food crisis.

GREAT NEWS! We have a $7500 MATCHING GRANT for every dollar donated up to the first $7,500! This means for each dollar donated, it is automatically DOUBLED!


Child Sponsorship

Change a life by sponsoring a child today! When you sponsor a child they receive three meals per day, a quality Christian education, safe shelter, school supplies, clothing & shoes, medical care and most importantly, spiritual mentorship. Please see photos of the many children who still need sponsors by clicking the link below!


Girls’ Dorm + Emergency Shelter

Update: WE DID IT!!! All 100 girls in our dormitory now have warm cozy beds to sleep in, thanks to the VERY generous support of many donors! We are jumping for JOY and are SO THANKFUL for each one who gave! (You know who you are!)

The construction of our girls' dormitory at the Dove Nursery and Primary School in Mukono, Uganda is finally complete! This dormitory was an urgently needed shelter for girls who are orphaned and vulnerable and in need of a safe place to sleep and get an education. Many of these girls were rescued out of abusive situations.

The dorm is NOW READY for 100 girls to move in when school starts again on January 10, 2022. However, until we purchase beds, blankets, sheets, mosquito nets and hygienic supplies, the girls will not be able to attend school.

Will you help provide a safe place for these girls to live and receive a quality Christian education?

$74 will provide a bed;

$20 provides a blanket;

$16 provides bedsheets;

$30 provides a mattress;

$7 provides a mosquito net, and

$20 provides a towel, soap and other hygienic supplies; and

$167 provides a COMPLETE PACKAGE for one girl!

Together we can keep these 100 girls safe! Thank you for your help with this urgent need!

four kids

Parenting Classes

Many parents are struggling to make ends meet and are often tempted to give their children up to orphanages. 80% of children in orphanages worldwide are not true orphans, but are sent there simply because their parents cannot afford to care for them. Combined with our sustainable farming and income-generating projects, parenting classes support and encourage struggling families to stay together through parenting strategies, basic child care, breast feeding, prenatal care, counseling, Bible studies, and more.


Emergency Food aid for Uganda

UPDATE: Thanks to many generous donors, this project has been FULLY FUNDED! Thank you!!!

Another wave of Covid-19 has hit Uganda and they are in full lockdown again. Due to the lockdown, businesses are closed. In Uganda, most families work for their daily food. If they cannot work, they have no money to buy food and cannot eat. It's as simple as that! Funds donated to this emergency fundraiser will help keep children and families from starvation.

sewing machine

Sewing Classes for Women

This fund is in honor of Roxy Pike, the mother of BLOOM's founder, Le Ann Pike Dakake. Roxy sponsored and mentored two young ladies through high school. Her love for sewing and quilting prompted this fund as a legacy to her love for orphans, that they might learn this skill in order to make a living for themselves. Donate towards a sewing machine, a sewing teacher's salary, or other materials so a young woman can learn an income-producing trade and gain a liveable wage in order to support herself and her family.

group of girls


About 40 percent of girls in Uganda are married before the age of 18, and more than half drop out of school. This puts them at greater risk for poverty, leads to teen pregnancy and higher infant mortality rates. Sponsor a young girl to participate in counseling, spiritual classes, and general schooling so she can learn her value as a woman and her identity in Christ. This is an important complementary program to the income-generating projects offered for young women. The program also supports petitioning government officials to encourage supportive laws for women’s rights, ending child marriages, and rallying the wider communities to stand up for girls’ rights.

teacher salary

Teacher salary

Sponsor a teacher’s salary for a month so that children at each of our school locations have access to a quality private Christian school education.


Livestock for Foster Families

Donate a pig or goat to a foster family in need. The livestock can be used to produce food and milk, or can reproduce and be sold as income for a foster family.

man making shoes

Shoemaking for Men

Finding a job that pays a liveable wage for men to support their families is challenging. It’s even more difficult for young boys who are about to age out of the child welfare system to find a job. While paying special attention to women is important, we must also empower men to care for themselves and their families so that women do not bear the sole responsibility for their children. Sponsoring materials and a teacher’s salary for young men to participate in the shoemaking program gives them an income-generating skill and works to lift individuals and their communities out of poverty.


Social Worker salary

Sponsor a social worker’s salary so that children and foster families have access to counseling and the support systems they need to thrive.

corn crops

Sustainable Farming Project

Please help us purchase two additional acres of land for farming near our partner school in Mukono, Uganda (Dove Nursery and Primary School). This land includes a fishing pond which will be used as a source of protein as well as for irrigation. Your donation towards this project will provide greater food security for the entire community which will allow families to STAY TOGETHER!


Where does my donation go?

Gifts shown here are all direct impact programs of BLOOM’s holistic 5 Pillars to Thrive development model. All contributions designated for specific funds will be applied to those projects/programs and to administering the gifts. We are committed to being good stewards of your gift, and when we receive contributions above the target budget for a given fund, we apply those funds to meet similar pressing needs.

Can my donation go to my sponsored child?

Unless you submit a gift through your sponsorship portal directly earmarked for your specific sponsored child, gifts from this catalog will not go directly to your specific sponsored child. BLOOM partners in each site location work to identify children and families with the highest and most pressing needs. We want to be sure that your gifts through this catalog will go to the children and families who need them most.

How are the fund amounts selected?

Specific amounts for child sponsorship, livestock donation and social worker/teacher salaries are actual costs based on field needs communicated by our partners. Others, such as income generation and empowerment/advocacy programs, building construction costs and field-operating costs are an average amount per participant or are left open ended so that we can meet a targeted fundraising goal. While we’ve listed suggested gift amounts that will make the most impact on children in our programs, these are not the only options available. We deeply appreciate any gift amount given.

Can I send special donations at Christmas?

Each holiday season we will launch a Christmas-specific fundraiser that will benefit all participating children in our programs. These specific fundraisers will not necessarily be earmarked for specific children or families, rather, will contribute to the community as a whole. These gifts will range from toys and shoes/clothing for the children, to community livestock or food gifts, or any other specifically named need by our partners at that time.

Will I receive a tax write-off for my donation?

BLOOM will issue you an automatic electronic receipt for your donation (be sure to check your junk/spam folder). We recommend you present this receipt to your tax professional in order to determine tax writeoff eligibility. BLOOM is a 501c3 organization, and our EIN is 45-4292119.