Living Water Harvest Farms – Ghana

Living Water Harvest Farms – Ghana

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Experience the Overflow of Living Water at Harvest Farms!

At Living Water Harvest Farms (LWHF), we’re dedicated to supporting a local rural community in Ghana, Africa. Our current program includes buying a tract of fertile land, and establishing a hen house with 500 hens for egg-laying, alongside cultivating cash crops. These initiatives not only sustain themselves going forward, but also generate income to assist vulnerable groups like widows, their children, and local teens. We aim to provide opportunities for these individuals to stay in school, learn valuable job skills, and avoid trouble. Our business model offers a clear pathway for participants to improve their family dynamics, gain employment skills, support their households, and contribute to a thriving community. Throughout this journey, we integrate teachings of Christ, ensuring that the Living Water of His message is shared alongside every aspect of our farm.

EXCITING updates on LWHF as of 3/10/2024:

  • Buy Land (Completed)
  • Develop road, clear land (Completed)
  • Set up a Water well (Completed)
  • Septic and Power on site (In process)
  • Build Chicken House (completed)
  • Chicken laying areas (In process)
  • Equipment and Safety Gear (Needs funding)
  • Buy Food (for 6 months) (Needs funding)
  • 500 Baby Chicks (Needs funding)
  • Healthcare for baby chicks (Needs funding)
  • Van for Sales/Delivery (Needs funding)
  • Emergency Fund (Needs funding)

What is a Self-Sustaining/Self-Funding Program?

Our programs are designed to “Go and Be Love!” by targeting communities in need and creating sustainable solutions. We identify specific groups that need help and develop a plan for our local Project Manager to expand and maintain the program once it’s fully funded! 

Here’s how it works: BLOOM-GHANA uses money generated from selling eggs to grow cash crops on very fertile land. The profits from both eggs and crops will then fund training programs, mentorship opportunities, local gatherings, an onsite apartment and storage unit, and on-site Christian outreach events for the community. This way, the program can continue to support itself and make a lasting impact. Once it’s funded by your donations, we do not need to continue sending more funds! 



BLOOM-GHANA Program Manager

Meet Emmanuel Obeng Effah, a pastor and graphic artist from Ghana with a heart for helping orphaned and underprivileged children. His journey began in 2013 when he felt called to change the narrative for these children by providing mentorship, teaching, and love. Over the past 11 years, Emmanuel has witnessed transformation among the children and widows served by BLOOM, a ministry he co-founded. His passion is to see these children thrive beyond their circumstances, inspired by the values of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, and self-control.

Emmanuel shares, “We have that fruit of the Spirit; that’s the character in a person’s life. We must cultivate this and teach it to needy children, orphans and widows.”

His dedication has led to remarkable educational achievements for many of the children in his programs. His life’s mission is to continue expanding efforts to support underprivileged children, guided by his faith and commitment to making a difference. Through his involvement with the Living Water Harvest Farm (LWHF) project, Emmanuel is fully committed to raising funds and overseeing its completion.

With Emmanuel leading our BLOOM-Ghana Program, we extend love to orphans, needy children and widows through outreach missions, aiming to break the cycle of poverty and share the message of Salvation. Supported by his wife Esther, they envision a future where all children in Ghana receive compassionate care and love. Together, they embody the change they seek to bring to the lives of these children and teens.


Living Water Harvest Farms (LWHF) is inspired by John 4:14, where Jesus promises much more than H2O to quench a person’s thirst: “But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

UPDATE March 10, 2024. GREAT NEWS! We have a $3000 MATCHING GRANT for every dollar donated up to the first $3000! 

Your donations won’t just help for the moment. We won’t need to replenish them next week, next month, or even next year! THEY ARE LIFE-CHANGING and SUSTAINING!

Be Love! and Be the Change!


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Sponsor a Chick HERE and Build that Hen House! Preview modal-