Welcome to our Tribal Leader Challenge
for Enough Grace Orphanage
and Christian School in Ghana!
Here's how it works:
Thank you for becoming a "Tribal Leader" for an orphaned child living in BLOOM's partner orphanage, Enough Grace, in Accra, Ghana. YOU are very important in this child's life, as each of these 12 bracelets represents a month of support for your child!
Information About Being a Tribal Leader: 

1. MEET YOUR CHILD! Scan your child's QR code with your cell phone camera, and it will offer a link to their personal page where you can read a little bit about them.

2. As your child's Tribal Leader, you are committing to sell each of their 12 bracelets for $25. We encourage you, as the Tribal Leader, to buy the first one. However, if you choose not to buy one, wear it, and sell it last off your arm!

3. The most important thing to remember is this: these specific 12 bracelets cannot be replaced. Each one equals one month's support for YOUR child. If lost, or left unsold, that means a month where this child has zero support.

4. Wear your bracelet with enthusiam to share with others who see it. This is the easiest way to sell the others! The children made these bracelets themselves. (Younger children had older children assist them.)

5. Notice the brass name plate on the bracelet. Each child's Christian name is engraved on one side, and on the other side is their "awoda." In Ghana, everyone has an awoda which is part of their name, based on the day of the week he or she was born. If you would like to learn more about this tradition, read here: https://hadithi.africa/the-ghanaian-tradition-of-day-names-and-everything-you-need-to-know-about-it/. Some children have as many as four names!

6. The $25 donation provides for each child's Christian-based education, 3 meals per day, a nurturing Christian environment, and a safe place to sleep for one month. It also helps to provide school supplies, clothing, and basic medical care! Local needy Muslim families also send their children to Enough Grace for schooling and we have another "Friend" bracelet program that helps support them as well. (Please ask if you are interested in learning more about this program.)

How to Sell Your Child's Bracelets:

1. Share your child's story! Tell others about BLOOM (Be Love! Orphan Outreach Missions, Inc.) and their partnership with Enough Grace orphanage and school in Ghana, Africa! (You can get more information here: https://bloomworldwide.org/ghana-educational-support/.) If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

2. Explain that you are this child's Tribal Leader. There is no other Tribal Leader or bracelets for this child! Each child created their bracelets using traditional "tribal beads" made in Ghana. The child's name is on the bracelet, reminding the Tribe Members to think about and pray for the child.

3. Scan the QR code to introduce the child to the potential Tribe Member.

4. If they decide to join your child's tribe, have them scan the VENMO QR code to get to the payment screen for the bracelet. MAKE SURE to ask the new tribe member to NOTE THE CHILD's NAME on the VENMO payment. Unfortunately, this can only be done AFTER the payment has been made. (If you forget this step please text Le Ann with the name of the new tribe member so we can keep track of payments.)

5. You do not collect any money. However, if someone does not have Venmo and wants to give you $25, you can send the money using your own Venmo. Note child's name.

6. Remind the Tribe Member that they can scan the QR code tag on the bracelet to see the child's photo and biographical info, as well as having an opportunity to give further support if they would like to do so.

7. If someone wants to become a Tribal Leader for one of the other 39 orphans at Enough Grace, please have them send a TEXT to Le Ann at 678-313-8321 with their name. She will get back to them to arrange sending their 12 bracelets.

8. Remember to pray for your child and to complete your "tribe" of 12 members ASAP.  Your child's education and provision of basic needs for the next 12 months, greatly depends on you and your tribe! 

Any questions? Call or text Le Ann, the Ghana "Chief Tribal Leader": 678-313-8321.
Thank you so much for "Being Love!" to a child in Ghana! They are sure to "BLOOM" when surrounded by such a loving tribe of support!